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Every year, many tourists from all over the world come to holiday to Karelia. They all have their reasons:

  • Stunning nature of Karelia.
  • Unique monuments of history, culture, and architecture.
  • Mild, reviving climate all the year round.
  • Attractive prices.

Karelia is a region of vast forests and cleanest lakes. In figures, it's 148,000 square kilometres of forests, about 61,000 lakes, 27,000 rivers, and 29 reservoirs. During your stay in Karelia, you can visit two reserves, three national parks and two museum reserves. Karelia is part of the famous international "Blue Highway" tourist route.

However, holidays in Karelia is not about figures. Holidays in Karelia is about breathing deeply, being mightily impressed, and once again enjoying the beauty of the world. This is largely due to the surprisingly mild climate: winter is snowy and not too cold, and summer is not too hot. Moreover, holidays in Karelia are not as expensive as foreign tourist destinations. Not to mention the need for visas and foreign passports. Given the location of the republic, it is easy to get to Karelia from Moscow, and you will stay in the same time zone!

Why Karelia?

Without any exaggeration, everyone will enjoy holidaying in Karelia, regardless of the season and interests. Fans of outdoor activities and eco-tourism, hunters and fishermen, scientists and creative people, friends, honeymooners, families with children – holidays in Karelia are good for everyone, both young and old. The comfortable Hunter Paradise resort invites you to plunge into the Karelian fairy tale, we are always ready to provide our guests a warm welcome and unforgettable experience!

Leisure options
Fishing all the year round. Not only perch, roach, ide, and bream can be found here, but also "big fish": bull trout, hunchback salmon, river and lake whitefish, salmon.
Hunting all the year round, depending on the season: for game birds (waterfowl) and upland fowl, elk, fox, hare, and wild boar.
Scientific and eco-tourism. Exciting routes in the nature reserves: «Kivach», «Kostomukshsky», «Kandalakshsky» (Kem-Ludsky site).
Safari in ATVs, Jeeps, snowmobiles, husky and reindeer sledges, and horseback riding.
Aqua bikes, rowing boats, kayaks, yachts, catamarans rafting, and white water rafting.
Sightseeing: Valaam, Kizhi, Solovki, Murom Holy Dormition Monastery and more.
Activities for team building, corporate and private events. Hunter Paradise facilities will not disappoint you!
Search for inspiration among Karelia's unforgettable landscapes, on the shores of a beautiful lake in any season of the year!
Here you will find:
Comfortable accommodation
Necessary infrastructure
Experienced rangers and guides
Modern equipment and vehicles

Hunter Paradise resort

Hunter Paradise tourist camp is located on the shores of the picturesque lake Yashezero. We offer our guests 4 two-storey wooden cottages. Each of them will comfortably house up to 5 people, there is also one VIP cottage. To ensure privacy, cottages are located a certain distance from each other. The infrastructure of our camp in Karelia will cater for any needs. Hunter Paradise offerings:

  • Comfortable restaurant with high-quality equipment for various events.
  • Russian sauna (banya).
  • Garden pavilion for barbecues and meeting friends.
  • Shooting gallery, where you can train before hunting or just for fun.
  • Rental centre with modern fishing, hunting equipment and transportation means: from ATVs, snowmobiles and boats to aqua bikes, skis and skates.
  • Aviary for your pets.

Hunter Paradise resort is one of the best holiday destinations in Karelia! Excellent accommodation, superb hunting grounds and fishing spots – and there is more than that to it. Not far from the resort, also on the shore of lake Yashezero, there are ruins of the famous Annunciation friary, that was built 450 years ago by Reverend Jonah Yashezersky. Beautiful nature, plenty of fun and new holiday experiences await in the beautiful land of Karelia, at Hunter Paradise resort!

Our beauties

10% discount for early bookings (30 days in advance)

Accommodation Cottage 1 (max. 5 guests) 14 000 rubles/day*
Cottage 2 (max. 5 guests) 13 000 rubles/day*
Cottage 3 (max. 5 guests) 13 000 rubles/day*
Cottage VIP (max. 5 guests) 16 000 rubles/day*
Accommodation during
New Year and Christmas holidays
(from 15.12.2015 to 15.01.2016)
Cottage 1 (max. 5 guests) 18 200 rubles/day*
Cottage 2 (max. 5 guests) 16 900 rubles/day*
Cottage 3 (max. 5 guests) 16 900 rubles/day*
Cottage VIP (max. 5 guests) 20 800 rubles/day*
Transfer from/to Petrozavodsk (max. 5 guests) 3,000 rubles/car
Banya (Russian sauna) 1 hour 2 000 rubles
+ 1 hour 750 rubles
Rent Aqua bike 900 rubles/10 min.
ATV 2 500 rubles/1 hour.
Snowmobile 2 000 rubles/1 hour. (один человек)
3 000 rubles/1 hour. (два человека)
LOS ATV 3 500 rubles/1 hour.
GTSM ATV 3 500 rubles/1 hour.
Hydrocycle (for 2 persons) 500 rubles/1 hour.
Rowing boat 500 rubles/1 hour.
Snow tubes 300 rubles/1 hour.
Riding a snow tube
attached to a snowmobile
400 rubles/10 min.
Cross-country skis 500 rubles/day.
150 rubles/1 hour
Skates 250 rubles/2 hours
Shooting gallery See separate price list
Pool (American pool, Russian billiards) 350 rubles/ 1 hour
Rafting, guided tours See separate price list
Events organization See separate price list
Hookah on water 1000 rubles
on wine 1 300 rubles
on fruit (apple, grapefruit) +300 rubles

*Accommodation includes 3 meals a day.

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