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Hunting in Karelia

The nature of Karelia is stunningly beautiful, and anyone who has ever visited these amazing places will agree. Hunting in Karelia attracts beginners and professionals from all over Russia and nearby countries. Bears, elks, foxes, hares, wild boars, wolves, partridges, geese, grouse, ducks – fauna of this region is so varied that each hunter is guaranteed to get a lot of new experiences and unforgettable emotions.

Hunting here will distract you from the bustle of the city, and you will plunge into the world of pristine natural beauty, which still keeps the magic of the bygone days. It will be a fairy-tale world for you, as if drawn with a brush of a great artist, where the transformation into a real hunter seems so natural and obvious.

Here you will find:
A variety of hunting options for game, small and large animals.
Full range of services for both beginners and professional hunters.
High-quality service at reasonable prices.

Hunting features in Karelia

The specialized Hunter Paradise camp will offer you ideal conditions for outdoor activities all the year round at quite adequate prices. The most popular season for hunting in Karelia is autumn. However, the fauna is so diverse that you can come here all year round: during the winter hunting, you can test your endurance and frost resistance, in spring you can enjoy the awakening nature, and in summer you go hunting, and swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Karelian lakes.

Services of «Hunter Paradise» resort include everything necessary for contemporary life. Comfortable rooms with all the amenities, reasonable accommodation prices and assistance in organizing hunting. Forget about all your problems and go hunting in the picturesque places of Karelia to fully enjoy outdoor activities, fresh air and the amazing beauty of these places!

Animal species
Karelia's most dangerous predator that prefers fir and mixed forests. Hunting season: from August to the end of November and spring.
The largest animal of local forests. Despite the apparent slowness elks are quite speedy and agile. Hunting season: males – from August to December 31, other gender and age groups – from October.
Lives in spruce forests, in low forests on the banks of ponds, and in mixed forests. It is active at night, and during the day it usually hides in remote places. Hunting season: from the middle of summer, except for females with offspring, for which hunting is permitted from October.
Besides the usual red foxes, species with darker colouring are found in Karelia. They are most common in the southern regions, as well as off the coasts of Lakes Onega and Ladoga. Hunting season: from September.
The mountain hare moves well on loose snow among coniferous forests, but the brown hare feels more at ease in the fields and forest edges. Hunting season: from the end of October to the end of February.
On the territory of Karelia, more than two hundred species of birds can be found, including waterfowl, some of which arrive in these places only during seasonal migrations. Hunting season: waterfowl – from late April to early May, upland fowl – from October to the end of February.
Wolves are a well-known predator, hunting and living in a pack. Wolves are dangerous, both individually and especially in a pack. The pack would bring even large prey to bay. A wolf can reach 85 cm to the shoulder and weigh up to 32 kg. The hunt for this animal requires careful preparation with experienced rangers.
Big cat, hunting for which is not only interesting, but also dangerous. Hunting season: from the beginning of November until the end of winter. The lynx lives mainly in coniferous and mixed forests. An adult specimen can weigh up to 30 kg. It feeds on small game, mostly hares. It is therefore considered that if there are hares, there will also be lynxes.
A relatively large water animal, a rodent with valuable fur. The beaver lives everywhere near the water, preferably near streams and small rivers, on the banks of which there are trees such as willows, birches, aspens. Beavers build dams to create comfortable living conditions. A beaver's tail is considered a delicacy, and its secretion is used in perfumery.
Upland fowl game (wood grouse, black grouse, partridge, hazel-grouse, woodcock)
Hunting for upland fowl game in Karelia is fascinating, especially under the guidance of experienced rangers. The hunting season for upland fowl game kicks off in August. Wood grouse, black grouse, partridge, hazel-grouse, and woodcock can be found in Karelia, those are favourite game for hunters, which are available here in a sufficient amount for all the trophies. Rangers will bring you to the concentrations of birds and share various hunting tricks.


Why is hunting at «Hunter Paradise» so attractive?

Hunting in Karelia at Hunter Paradise is organized by professionals, taking into account every detail. We will be happy to advise you on the preferred time to hunt for bears, wild boar, elk, small game and waterfowl, as well as provide trained dogs if necessary. Please note that hunting in the dense forests of Karelia shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the legal requirements.

Hunting trophies
We provide
More than 20,000 hectares of magnificent grounds, where you can not only hunt, but also admire Karelia's spectacular sceneries.
Selection of the hunting ground, taking into account the season and your personal preferences. Usually, a transfer is organized to/from the hunting ground.
Services of a professional ranger, who will instruct you in detail and advise you on all the questions regarding the weapons and the possible emergencies in the hunt.
Accommodation in comfortable cottages and excellent conditions for outdoor activities. In addition to hunting, you can take a steam bath, rent an aqua bike or an ATV, play pool, etc.

All you need for hunting in the amazing and unique Karelia is a hunting permit, a hunting license, ammunition, and a gun permit. We will take care of everything else!

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